Everyone might know about the Valentine’s Day celebrations. It is a day celebrated almost all over the world. This day is specially meant for the lovers and valentines. It is celebrated on February 14th of every year. There are a lot of facts available regarding this special day that you may not know. Have you ever thought how it was originated and the statistics behind all the valentine week celebrations? Let us look into some of the interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.



  • Emperor Claudius II wanted the Roman men to not get married during the war period. But Bishop Valentine went against this and performed secret weddings to the Romans. This was considered as the theory behind the Valentine’s Day. Initially, it was called as St. Valentine’s Day.


  • It was considered as a bad luck to sign a valentine card during the Victorian period.


  • Even a single person in the world may not be there without knowing about the pair Romeo and Juliet. This well-known couple was created by the famous writer Shakespeare. The Italian city of Verona is considered where this couple lived. For Every Valentine’s Day, this city receives around thousand letters which are addressed to the JULIET.


  • Every year in this day, the average number of wedding proposals is around 2, 20,000. This fact may not be known to everyone. This thing is really impressive.


  • We might think that men are all spending much in getting a gift for their girlContrastingly, there is a fact that women do purchase the 85 percent of the total gifts of the Valentine’s Day.


  • Rose is the best thing to express one’s love to another. It is been found that around 189 million of rose stems are sold on this day in the United States.


  • The next important flavor of this day is really sweet, yes; I’m talking about the sweet and the favorite thing called as Chocolate. In U.S, around one billion dollars is spent on purchasing the chocolates on this day.


  • Valentine’s Day is considered as the procrastinator’s delight as more than 50 percentage of the total Valentine’s Day cards are purchased only six days before the holiday.


  • Have you ever thought why rose is given more importance in this day? The reason behind this may be because Rose is considered to be the favorite flower of the Roman goddess of love, Venus.


  • Rose is considered as the flower of love due to its red color. The red color stands for a strong romantic feel.


  • Most number of roses is bought by men than the women’s purchase. In percentile measures around 73 is contributed by men while 27 by women.


  • It was found that the doctors of 1800s prescribed their patients to eat chocolates to smoothen grieve for the loss of love.


  • The first box chocolates were produced on Valentine’s Day in the late 1800s by Richard Cadbury who is the founder of today’s well known Chocolate brand Cadbury.


  • The heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are widely sold on this day which counts more than 35 million.


  • There was a belief among the medieval girls that eating bizarre foods on this day would bring the dream of their future spouse to come true.


  • In the medieval period, young men and women used to drew the bits of paper containing names from a bowl to see who is going to be their valentine and pin it on their sleeves.


  • Valentine’s season is considered as the second largest card-sending season of the year. During this season, the count of Valentine’s Day cards being shared in each year is considered to be more than one billion.